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Girl spends time tied and cleave gagged instead of going to opera

Click here to enjoy the bondage storyline where a girl is getting bound and cleave gagged instead of going to the opera consert

Cleave gagged woman tied up and posing in the evening dress

Damsel in distress is probably the most common bondage scenario where you would expect to see a clave gagged woman. Wife, secretary or a detective: all of those pretty girls have no other option to choose from other than being bound and have their mouths sealed mercilessly. Let me show yet another one of those pretty ladies tied up and scarf gagged.

Pretty blonde was going to spend a couple of hours at the opera. She put her best evening dress, pair of black stockings and high heels when an intruder broke in her apartment and turned the woman into helpless slave. The burglar used a scarf to gag the sexy victim. He can search the place safely for money and jewelry while the silent woman is sitting on a couch.

It probably took the criminal lots of time to do all those rope ties, but (oh boy!) he did a great job! Lots of inescapable bonds are being put all over the girl's legs and chest. With her mouth cleave gagged and her hands tied behind the back, enslaved lady can do nothing but crawl around, trying to get rid of her ties.

The intruder was in a hurry, otherwise I just can't explain why he didn't have fun with cleave gagged girl. Having a beautiful helpless woman like this at your disposal would be like a dream come true for every BDSM fanatic. I would play with her big breasts, then spanked girl's butt a bit and then put lots of attention to her sexy high heeled legs. What would you do with a sexy cleave gagged slavegirl?

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