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Hot blonde scarf gagged and tied to chair

Beautiful woman is dressed like secretary in this scarf gagged bondage episode

Scarf gagged secretary tied to chair and blindfolded

Today I would like to take you back to the classic bondage scenario where pretty scarf gagged secretary is tied to her chair. We are lucky to have such a nice website as Bound by Bhowani up and running for years because it is now has world's biggest collection of beautiful women put in nice clothed bondage. I know that most of guys around prefer nude slaves but there is a great deal of BDSM fans who adore women dressed sexy, tied up and cleave gagged.

The girl on the pictures is definitely a secretary. Just look at the way she dressed: classy white blouse, short black skirt and a pair of really sexy high heel shoes. Isn't this the type of women we all love to see in bondage and scarf gagged? Well enjoy then!

It got to be heavenly pleasant and exciting - to tie up a woman like this. To draw her hands backwards, put rope noose around and then tighten it. To bind her legs together and then put scarf between her lips. You can add a bit of spice to the action by unbuttoning the blouse of scarf gagged slave and putting a blindfold over her pretty eyes. Now all you have to do is to lay back on the bed and relax, watching her trying to escape her bonds.

Check out Bound by Bhowani for more pictures of clothed women posing in bondage scarf gagged. Hundreds of galleries feature classy MILF ladies posing in sexy clothes all tied up and exposed. Use the banner above to meet uniformed ladies who enjoy submission and spend best days of their lives in captivity!

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